I'm James Archer

  • IFS practitioner and nondual spiritual mentor
  • Psychotherapy grad student
  • Creator of IFS Chat, an AI chatbot that helps you heal and awaken with IFS
  • Substack writer exploring how to live an awakened life
  • Owner and former CEO of FxSound, a now free and open-source audio enhancer and EQ software
  • Born, raised, and living in the San Francisco Bay Area


James is an amazing coach for the IFS process. He creates an environment where I can safely explore everything that is within me, and within this environment he naturally guides me towards personal discovery and healing. He has real skill and presence, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to explore their inner world and create more wholeness in their lives. - Sam D.

These sessions with him have healed me immensely. For me it's important that I found someone who has done the IFS work on themselves first, and James most definitely has. He comes from a place of direct personal experience and having gone through it himself, he is able to help others which is especially helpful in identifying any blind spots I might have had in understanding some of my thought processes. You won't regret working with James. - Anna B.


As an IFS practitioner and nondual spiritual mentor, I work 1-1 with individuals who are sincere about living an awakened life. If you're interested in working with me, or you just want to connect, send me a message.

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